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The school's uniform supplier is Pickles Schoolwear.

Pickles Schoolwear
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Parents/guardians who are in financial difficulty should email the Principal on

Procedures for students out of uniform

Students who arrive at school out of uniform without explanation are expected to collect a uniform pass from the swipe room before school.

A student should bring a note of explanation from a parent/carer for being out of uniform. This must be presented to the swipe room where a uniform pass will be issued without breach.

Students who do not bring a note of explanation will have a uniform breach noted on their record.

In class procedures

During every lesson, teachers are to check for students who are out of uniform. In period 1 students who are out of uniform should be sent to the swipe room by 9.10am, they will be issued with a uniform pass and a uniform breach recorded on their record. The DP in charge of lateness will reinforce the procedures that students must follow when they present to the swipe room out of uniform

A text message will be sent to the student’s parent informing them of the breach.

There will be regular, surprise uniform blitzes conducted by DP/HT visiting classrooms by year or stage groups. Students out of uniform will be sent to the swipe room for a uniform pass. These students will be interviewed by their DP and parents informed. If 100% of the class is wearing full school uniform students will receive a letter of commendation.

Persistent offenders will be placed on a DP monitoring card for at least two weeks with the student presenting to their DP every morning for a uniform check after a parent interview has been conducted. For senior students who have three breaches they will be monitored as well and may not be eligible to represent the school at various events, including leadership opportunities.

Playground duty procedures

During playground duty DP/HT’s should verify whether the student has a uniform pass. If not, the student should be sent to the swipe room immediately and instructed to report to their DP.

Note: No hats are to be worn in class. Students who need to change clothing for a class must be given sufficient time to change back into uniform before the end of the period.

All students are expected to wear full-school uniform, including black enclosed leather shoes on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Students in Years 11 and 12 are expected to wear full school uniform all week.

Students in Years 7 to 10 have Sport on Tuesdays. They are expected to wear full PE uniform including sports shoes throughout the day. If, however students have timetabled classes in a practical subject like Science, Design & Technology, Food Technology, Set Design and Construction, Master Chef, Master Designer, Visual Arts, Photo Paint & Print or Ceramics they are expected to bring and wear black enclosed leather shoes for those lessons. There is to be no mixing and matching of regular school uniform and sports uniform on Tuesdays. A uniform pass will be required if students present in a mix and match uniform.

Students in Years 7 to 10 on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Fridays must wear full school uniform to every lesson except PDHPE practicals. During timetabled practical PDHPE lessons students will change into their PE uniforms. If a class has a timetabled practical lesson during period 1 they can wear the PE uniform to school and change before recess into full school uniform. If a class has a timetabled practical lesson during period 4 they can wear the PE uniform home.